Associate member IPAL lab. Singapore
Computer Science & Applied Maths Dept.
ENSEEIHT Engineering School.
IRIT Lab. (VORTEX research group).
Team Leader at ENSEEIHT
Tel +33 534 322 171 or + 33 618 100 574
Email: Vincent -.- Charvillat -at- enseeiht -.- fr
Eng. & M.Sc Degree (94),
Ph. D. (97) Assistant Prof. (98)
Habilitation Degree (08) Prof. (10)
In our group, we are mainly working on visual objects :
Extraction (Tracking and Obj. Segmentation)
Compositing (Aug. Reality and  Hypermedia)
User-Aware Multimedia (Adaptation and Crowdsourcing)
Video Coding, Indexing and Delivery (M. Sc.)
Image Analysis (M. Sc.)
Multimedia (M. Sc.)
Probability and Statistics (B. Sc.)
Machine Learning (B. Sc.)
Data Analysis (B. Sc. and M. Sc.)
Some Publications
A. Carlier V. Charvillat W.T. Ooi A Video Timeline with Bookmarks and Prefetch State for Faster Video Browsing ACM Multimedia 2015 (to appear)
Carlier A, Salvador A, Cabezas F, Giró-i-Nieto X, Charvillat V, Marques O. Assessment of Crowdsourcing and Gamification Loss in User-Assisted Object Segmentation Multimedia Tools and Applications 2015 (to appear)
Ferran Cabezas, Axel Carlier, Amaia Salvador, Xavier Giró i Nieto, Vincent Charvillat Quality Control in Crowdsourced Object Segmentation ICIP 2015 (to appear)
M. Bauda, S. Chambon, P. Gurdjos, V. Charvillat Geometry-based Superpixel Segmentation - Introduction of Planar Hypothesis VISAPP 2015
V. Angladon, S. Gasparini, V. Charvillat The toulouse vanishing points dataset MMSys 2015
M. Bauda, S. Chambon, P. Gurdjos, V. Charvillat Image Quality Assessment for Photo-consistency Evaluation on Planar Classification in Urban Scenes ICPRAM 2015
S. Zhao WT Ooi A. Carlier G. Morin V. Charvillat Bandwidth Adaptation of 3D Mesh Preview Streaming ACM TOMCCAP 2014
A. Carlier, L. Calvet, D.T.D. Nguyen, W.T. Ooi, P. Gurdjos, V. Charvillat 3D Interest Maps From Simultaneous Video Recordings ACM Multimedia 2014
M. Riegler, M. Lux, V. Charvillat, A. Carlier, R. Vliegendhart, M. Larson VideoJot: A Multifunctional Video Annotation Tool ICMR 2014
A. Salvador A. Carlier X. Giro-I-Nieto O. Marques V. Charvillat Crowdsourced Object Segmentation with a Game CrowdMM 13
J. Guenard G. Morin F. Boudon V. Charvillat Reconstructing plants in 3D from a Single Image Using Analysis-by-Synthesis ISVC 2013
S. Zhao WT Ooi A. Carlier G. Morin V. Charvillat 3D Mess Preview Streaming MMSys 13
A. Carlier O. Marques V. Charvillat Ask’nSeek: a new Game for Object Detection and Labeling ECCV12 Workshops
L. Calvet P. Gurdjos V. Charvillat Camera Tracking using concentric circle markers. ICIP 12
T.P. Nghiem A. Carlier G. Morin V. Charvillat Enhancing Online 3D Products through Crowdsourcing CrowdMM 12
L. Calvet P. Gurdjos V. Charvillat Camera Tracking based on Circular Point Factorization ICPR 12
A. Carlier R. Guntur V. Charvillat W.T Ooi Combining Content-based Analysis and Crowdsourcing to Improve User Interaction with Zoomable Video ACM Multimedia 11
O. Marques, E. Barenholtz, V. Charvillat Context modeling in computer vision : techniques, implications and applications, Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer 2011
B. Baccot, V. Charvillat, R. Grigoras, “Reinforcement Learning for Optimizing Banner Format and Delivery” A chapter in “Online Multimedia Advertising: Techniques and technologies”, IGI Global 2011,
A. Carlier, V. Charvillat, W.T. Ooi, R. Grigoras, G. Morin Crowd-sourced Automatic Zoom and Scroll for Video Retargeting, ACM Multimedia 2010.
C. Dehais, G. Morin, V. Charvillat From Rendering to Tracking Point-based 3D Models
Image and Vision Computing Vol 28, Issue 9 september 2010
O. Choudary, B. Baccot, R. Grigoras, V. Charvillat Evaluation of Multimedia Features in Mobile Guide Applications Journal of Digital Information Management, 8(1) 2010
X. Delaunay, M. Chabert, V. Charvillat, G. Morin Satellite Image Compression by Post Transforms in the wavelet domain Elsevier Signal Processing 90(2) 2010
B. Baccot, O. Choudary, R. Grigoras, V. Charvillat On the impact of sequence and time in Richmedia advertising ACM Multimedia 2009
O. Choudary, V. Charvillat, R. Grigoras, P. Gurdjos A demo of MARCH: Mobile Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage ACM Multimedia 2009.
J. Guenard, P Gurdjos, V. Charvillat, G. Morin Multiple view reconstruction of quadrics of revolution from occluding contours ACCV 09
V. Charvillat, A. Tonazzini, L. Van Gool, N. Nikolaidias, Image and Video Processing for Cultural Heritage, A special issue of Eurasip Journal on Image and Video Processing, vol 2009  
O. Choudary, V. Charvillat, R. Grigoras Mobile Guide Applications using Representative Visualizations ACM Multimedia 2008
C. Plesca, V. Charvillat, R. Grigoras Adapting Content Delivery to Limited Resources and Inferred User Interest, International Journal of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, 2008
V. Charvillat, R. Grigoras Reinforcement learning for dynamic multimedia adaptation Int. Journal of Network and Computer Applications (30) 2007
M. Douze, V. Charvillat Real-time generation of augmented videos by background tracking Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, vol 7, N 5 Décembre 2006 , pp 537-550
C. Plesca, V. Charvillat, R. Grigoras, User-aware adaptation by subjective metadata and inferred implicit descriptors, Multimedia Semantics-The Role of Metadata, Springer Series
Vincent ‘.’ Charvillat ‘@’ enseeiht ‘.’ fr
CrowdMM & ACMMM 2015 (Brisbane)
MMSys 16 (Klagenfurt)
Crowdsourcing & Multimedia
AR & Tourism
Mobile Guide
(Magellium & Caminéo)
with OKTAL SE and M3 Systems
Joint Project with TELEQUID
Mobile Apps
CIFRE convention with Imajing: Mobile Mapping
TTT & Fitting Box:
Photometric Stereo
  1. 1.Marie-Anne Bauda (Urban scenes understanding, CIFRE convention - Imajing)
  2. 2.Vincent Angladon (Mobile visual processing, CIFRE convention - Telequid)
  3. 3. Nicolas Bertrand (DCP delivery, CIFRE convention - Utopia)
  4. 4. Please also note that we have open positions within IPAL UMI (Singapore)
Romulus Grigoras (Multimedia Adaptation-2003)
Matthijs Douze (Visual Tracking- 2004)
Cezar Plesca (Multimedia Adaptation 2007)
Ariel Choukroun (Visual Tracking and AR - 2007)
Ariel is the co-founder of
Xavier Delaunay (Image Coding 2008)
Christophe Dehais (3D Visual Tracking and AR 2008)
Pascaline Parisot MESR (visual tracking, 2009)
Pauline Julian -CIFRE convention FittingBox (face segmentation and AR 2012)
B. Baccot - CIFRE convention SopraGroup (multimedia adaptation 2012)
P. Julian  - CIFRE convention Fitting Box
(face segmentation and AR 2012)
J. Guenard - FUI project
(Plants 3D reconstruction 2013)
L. Calvet - MP Region funding (Camera tracking & SfM for AR, 2014)
T. P. Nghiem -Vietnamese Gouv. funding (user-centric multimedia adaptation, 2014).
D.Quoc Viet -Vietnamese Gouv. funding (3D Similarities, 2014)
A. Carlier - MESR French Gouv. funding (Combining usage and content analysis 2014)